He left you right? After he said he loved you, after her called you cute names like babe? Yeah, I know. Did he tell you that you were beautiful? I bet he promised you a personalized song. Or maybe he mentioned how he was lying in bed wishing you were there. He dragged “I love you” out of you, didn’t he? He would talk to you last thing at night, and first thing in the morning. He constantly mentioned losing sleep over you, even though we both know he slept like a rock. He sent you cute texts that didn’t mean anything at first. You didn’t delete them did you? All of your friends hate him now. They use “asshole” instead of his real name. Trust me, you’ll end up talking about him just as often as before. There will be the “one time’s” and “I remember’s”, and once you think you’re over him, you’ll see him. Keep your eyes closed in the hallways because I promise you, the next time you see him he’ll have his arm around some other girl. A little part of you will want to warn her, but no one will blame you for hating her and blaming her for all your pain. You’ll compare him to every other guy, because aside from his man-whorish, heart-breaker thing, he was perfect. He was everything you wanted. Or maybe you just made that up. Maybe the second he started to show interest you made up this perfect guy in your head, and he just happened to be him. The most important thing is don’t let him know he hurt you. Don’t let him know he could have you back in a heartbeat. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Make him think you’re completely happy. When he decides to say hi, wave back. But don’t smile. Make him think he meant as little to you, as you obviously meant to him.

(Source: c-raphernelia)

Fantasy Land


Growing up I thought I had the whole world in the palm of my hand
But after a while I began to realize that what I thought was the world, was really just sand
‘Cause everything fell through my fingers whenever I tired to get a grip
And that angel on my shoulder? It only turned out to be a chip
The friends that I had all became unreliable, two faced liars
Which only makes sense ‘cause all the bridges that got burned, they ignited the fires
That led to all of our friendships to go up in smoke
So now it’s not what you said, but more the words you never spoke
I couldn’t help you because you wouldn’t help yourself
And the things you say mean nothing, so I let the silence speak for itself. 

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